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Romantic views

Take a train from Lisbon to Sintra or ask for a pick up.

Sintra is often described as a fairy tale like old town. Sitting on the face of a mountain (the Natural Park) strongly influenced by different eras and civilizations, surrounded by a dense and mysterious forest and facing an amazing view towards the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to astonishing romantic palaces and monuments which are found scattered among the forests and the rocky summits. This tour is mainly around Sintra historic centre and we can adapt it to your interests, including the coastline and the Natural Park with several activities: Bike,jeep, hike & surf.

Cascais & Wild Shore

Take a train from Lisbon to Cascais/Sintra or ask a pick up.

Throughout most of its history Cascais was just a small picturesque fishermen's town, until the beginning of the 19th century when the noble court and the royal family surrendered to its gorgeous beaches and mild weather and made it their summer holiday spot. This high class charisma that still exists today was the foundation for the existence of the numerous water front palaces and luxury villas. This tour combines Cascais’ villa with the Natural landscape along the coastline: cliffs and beaches on the Natural Park.

Cultural Lisbon & Wild Arrábida

At our WALK tours in Lisbon we can meet you at your hotel!

You always have the option of biking in Lisbon or going by jeep from Lisbon! This city filled with a unique light and its happy atmosphere will make your days exploring it fun and easy. Lisbon and its seven hills hides a variety of neighborhoods’ where you can experience the traditions of the city such as Fado. The incredibly narrow streets witness how a major city can feel like a small village.

Mafra & Ericeira

Mafra & Ericeira is another tour from Sintra. Take a train to Sintra or ask a pick up.

Although Mafra is a nice town for itself it is mostly famous for having one of the greatest Portuguese monuments: Mafra National Palace. This 18th century convent-palace-basilica is an important icon of European Baroque expression and a symbol of the wealthy reign of D.João V. Right next to Mafra we find the rural area known as “Saloia” marked by its green hills and valleys of fertile lands due to the volcanic history. At dusk, Ericeira’s village is wonderful to visit with its rough ocean internationally known for surfing activities.

Alentejo - Evora

From Lisbon to Alentejo the most pronounced contrast tour.

Alentejo’s region is a delight for everyone, foreigners or nationals. Here the Mediterranean culture is at its peak. Tiny villages of white houses and Arabic influences scattered over vast agricultural fields. This is the ideal region to meet the deep roots and traditions of Portugal and its people. You can have your personalized tour or our most wanted in Évora and around Megalithic sites, so you will feel like traveling through time!

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