Sintra Jeep Tours

1. Romantic Views

Jeep (2h – 5h)
Hike (5h-6h) – Distance: 7km – Dificulty level (1 to 5): 4
Bike (3h-4h) – Distance: 7 to 14km
Surf – Combine the romantic views with surf classes
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This tour is the most acclaimed on TripAdviser.

Through labyrinthine gardens and palaces you will get to know the mysterious Sintra. It is an inspiring and intimate track that combines nature, culture, history and mysticism.

The tracks are framed in a rugged landscape due to the geomorphology of the granite structure that forms the backbone of Sintra’s hills. The main attraction is the colourful Pena Palace with its Chalet hidden in botanic gardens. On this tour it is possible to stroll along the walls of Moorish Castle, in the romantic gardens of Monserrate or the halls under Mudéjar influence in the Palace of the town. If you enjoy nature as well, we will lead you to the cliffs of Cabo da Roca, to beaches in between rocks carved by the ocean, dinosaur footprints on Cretaceous limestone and in the mist of the forest at dusk.

This tour can be done on a walking track, by bike or by jeep combining the views and the outskirts of the mountains.

2. Cascais – Guincho Geo Tour

Jeep (3h - 6h)
Hike (3h - 7h) – Distance: 4 to 10km – Dificulty level (1 to 5): 3
Bike (4h - 8h) - Distance: 20km to 30km
Surf: Surf lessons at Guincho Beach
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Between land and sea there are so many secrets on the shoreline. Greenwalk helps to reveal some of them through our geo-guides.

Near Cascais, Guincho Beach is famous for activities such as surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing, due to the constant winds and ocean waves all through the year. Here there is a fossil dune carved by the winds as if it were a giant sandy wave. We will take you along the Natural Park in the wilderness and magical aura of the coastline near the mountains. The track rises smoothly and is covered with endogenous vegetation, Carrasco (kermnes Oaks), Sabina-das-Praias (Juniperus phoenica) or Esteva (Cistus ladanifer). We shall visit the spectacular Eruptive Cross Veins, a marble quarry and some abandoned lime kilns.

From Cascais village to Guincho beach we can go on bike or hike along 10km on a plateau close to low cliffs on a rugged and dramatic coastline where the ocean slashed the rocks in different layers and where we can find several Cretaceous and Jurassic fossils.

The area is a geodiversity hotspot of the Sintra-Cascais region.

This tour can be done from Cascais either by bike or on foot, or by jeep from Cascais or Sintra.

3. Luxuriant Forest

Jeep (2h – 5h)
Hike (4h) – Distance: 6km – Dificulty level (1 to 5): 3
Bike - Can start at Sintra town or on the mountain
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Moving through luxuriant forest and achieving lookouts in the mountain highs, you can glance at palaces, lakes and amazing valleys. The micro mountain climate is understandable while walking through the forest shadow or fog, owing to the mountain that acts as a barrier to the moisture winds from the ocean.

We pass steep slopes and rocky heights with natural springs around; we take a look at some unusual minerals in a great variety of eruptive rocks and some stunning huge boulders. There are remains from pre-historic people- the Tholos, a 4,500-year-old structure, the 16th century Peninha Chapel and ancient ruins from the beginnings of our nationality. Hidden in the woods, the Capuchos Convent may be visited.

This tour is done by jeep 4X4 with short walks.

4. Reaching Cabo da Roca

Jeep (5h)
Hike (8h) – Distância: 6km – Nível de dificuldade(1 a 5): 4
Bike - Start on the beach or Sintra town
Surf - Ask for your surf class at Praia Grande/Maças
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The tour is along the shoreline finding wild beaches between the cliffs. The highlight will be Cabo da Roca falling 140m straight to the sea, being the western-most tip of the Euro-Asian continent.

18,000 years ago, in the last Glaciation, the shoreline was 30km further to the West, and 2MY ago the mountain was an island . This Promontorium Magnum (original Roman name) was a geographical reference used for over thousands of years for coastal ships passage and in the 16th century the great Portuguese poet Camões wrote about this headland : “Here, where the land ends and the sea begins”.

This path is on the most geo-diverse area, we observe distinct lithology, tectonics and geomorphology along the shoreline landscapes. Here we can observe all geo-elements, geological history, ancient beaches, fossils, dinosaur tracks and obvious tectonic activity (faults, tilted layers).

We can appreciate this landscape tour on jeep (some 4x4 trails), bike or hiking.

5. West of Lisbon:, Mafra, Obidos, Peniche

Jeep (5h)
Surf - Ask for your surf class
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On this tour we will visit one of the greatest Portuguese monuments: Mafra National Palace. This 18th century convent is an important icon of European Baroque expression and a symbol of the wealthy reign of D.João V. On our way to Mafra we will go through the rural area “Saloia” marked by its green hills and valleys of fertile lands due to the volcanic history of this area. Walking over basaltic columns or through huge Lapies like giant mushrooms will be unforgettable.

To finish the day we can visit the bustling coastal town of Ericeira and include a surf class. It is possible to arrange going to Peniche and the medieval town of Óbidos. This region also has a train rail crossing one of the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal.

This tour is done by jeep or jeep combined with a train trip.

6. Accessible Tours for the visually impaired

The Tours can included cultural highlights or mixed with Nature. We have several trakc prepared for visually impaired on Cascais Shorline or Sintra Forest.

The tracks will be explained by the expert guides of Greenwalk specialists in Geosciences, and it encompasses a great lithologic and biologic variety, which will allow the visitor to have a wide perception of how Geography and Geology are related and how they evolve. The human interference in the natural system will be the subject of our efforts in increasing awareness for the preservation of such natural systems and sustainable ways of life.

Greenwalk has the support of ACAPO, APEDV and other institutions in the creation of the routes for the visually impaired.

A Greenwalk ® tem o apoio da ACAPO, APEDV e outras instituições na criação de roteiros para as pessoas com dificuldades visuais.